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This whitening milk foam thoroughly washes away old surface cells containing melanin, impurities, and makeup. Enriched with hydrolyzed milk proteins providing a good start to a clear, even, and brighter complexion. A combination of glycerin leaves skin soothed, comfortable, and hydrated.

Exp: 22/10/2021


Scentio Milk Plus whitening facial foam will enrich the skin, making for softer and tender face. With Co-enzyme Q10 extract within Scentio Milk Plus, your skin will be thoroughly clean and free of acne that are caused by UV rays. Small molecules from pure milk extract (Hydrolyzed Milk Protein) and Glycerine that are present in this whitening facial foam will hasten foam absorption into your skin, making it soft, smooth and healthy. Say goodbye to any oil and residues while protecting your skin from dryness. Scentio Milk Plus also has a unique and alluring milky scent that are pleasing to smell.

– Milk Plus facial cleansing foam made from pure milk extract. The texture of the foam is soft and suitable for any skin types, helping remove oil and unwanted residues from everyday activities without drying your skin after use.

– Co-enzyme Q10 within the foam is a naturally produced chemical within our body but production reduces with age and time. Within Co-enzyme Q10 lies an antioxidant that will combat free radicals caused by UV rays that makes your skin wrinkles. It also helps reduce production of enzymes that destroy collagen within the skin, helping protect your skin from acne and early skin deprivation caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

– Pure milk extract chemical (Hydrolyzed Milk Protein) are small molecules making it better to absorb into the skin. It also has a large number of amino acids that are suitable for skin maintenance, helping rejuvenate your skin to it’s younger state.

– Presence of Glycerine that helps reserve moisture within the skin.

– One bottle of Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam has 100 ML. of content

How to use

Squeeze Scentio Milk Plus Facial Cleansing Foam Whitening Facial Foam Q10 onto your palm, gently rub your hands together to create a cream bubble. Gently rub the bubble on your face to cover all areas then gently massage your face so the foam can be absorbed into your skin. Wash foam off your face with clean water. After several uses, you will notice a more vibrant and brighter skin.


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